As a Christian, forgiveness is a big thing.  Jesus Christ went to the cross for the remission of our sins and we are supposed to be as forgiving of others as God is of our sins.  But is that always easy?  No, it simply isn’t.  I’m pretty good about forgiveness because of the Scripture that says God forgives us as we forgive others.  And most things are relatively easy to forgive.  However, every once in a while, something really bad happens and the whole forgiveness thing is a very difficult thing to give.

Recently, I’ve been deeply hurt by someone close to me.  And this person has either no idea how bad they hurt me or they just simply don’t care that they did.  The situation is a very sensitive, difficult topic and talking to this person is like talking to a brick wall.  They have not asked for forgiveness nor do I think they are looking for it.  Does that make it harder to forgive?  Oh, you bet it does.  Having someone say they are sorry, then forgiving them is easy.  When the person doesn’t care or doesn’t see what they did as being wrong, then the whole forgiveness thing becomes a serious challenge.  And I do mean challenge.  I have spent days praying to God for the help to simply forgive, not for the other person, but for myself.  Forgiveness is just as much for the person wronged as for the person who wrongs.  I don’t want to be angry, bitter or have any other negative emotion; I have enough of them naturally.  So, I am really working on letting this go and just loving this person and moving on because that is what is best for me.  Do I condone what they did? No, I don’t even like it a bit.  But that’s not the point.  I have to let it all go for my own spiritual and emotional stability.

My only advice is to pray and hand it over to God to handle.  He knows everything going on and the hearts of all involved and He will know how best to handle the situation.  That’s what I am doing right now and it is helping.  Is it an overnight fix?  No, but it does start the healing process and that is what’s most important.  Forgive the other person and move on, otherwise, we carry the hurt and anger and it just festers like an open wound.  And, who wants that?

Blessings to you all,



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