Slow Cooked Chile Verde

Slow Cooked Chile Verde

This is not quite the recipe I use, but it is close.  The recipe I use I have in a cookbook that my former preacher’s wife put together for the church and it’s a recipe from the one of the ladies that attends there.  Hers is a bit simpler, but I wanted to give you a link instead of writing out a recipe that you may not be able to print off.  Her recipe calls for tomatillos, garlic, chopped green chilies (canned) and jalapeno with ground sage, cumin seed and chili flakes.  But, like I said, the recipe is basically the same, I just wanted to do the full closure thing and let you know of a few other ingredients that you can use in addition to the ones listed in the recipe, just keep it as simple as possible, sometimes these recipes are just way to much work to make it worth it!  Of course, that is my humble opinion, so take it as you wish.  Enjoy!

Blessings to you all,



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