Being submissive and it is not that easy a thing to do!

Being submissive and it is not that easy a thing to do!

Being a Christian wife means that I am to submit to my husband, is that easy?  Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.  Even with my husband being a good husband, there are times when I want to do what I want to do, even if that means going against what he wants me to do.  But the Apostle Paul states in clear language that a wife is to submit to a husband, period.  And I know there are women out there that that statement makes them cringe; I feel you.  But as a Christian I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and He had Paul write that through divine inspiration.  So, I must accept it, even if I may not exactly agree with it all the time.

This past weekend, my faith in this was put to the test.  I’ve been trying to get my husband to respect my desire to be a homemaker, to just stay home.  One of his customers asked him what I did and Daniel told him I was at home, looking for work but not finding any.  Somehow, the fact that I went to bookkeeping training came up and this customer laughed and said that any new, small business would hire a part-time bookkeeper in a second.  That sealed the deal, as they say.  My husband came home and told me to work, either a job or my business, but work I will.  He said it takes two to make it in today’s society and I needed to help him support our life.  He said he understood that I wanted to be home, so I could work on my virtual assistant/bookkeeper business if I wanted to, but that I would have to help with the household income.  Was I mad?  Oh, you know it!  I didn’t appreciate at all that some stranger I had never met would sideline my attempts at making my husband understand that I just wanted to be a homemaker.  Then I started to think, I had been asking God what I was to do with the business, since it’s all set up and everything, and maybe this was God answering.  Not the way I really wanted, but I’m used to that.

So, this past week, I started back at my VA business.  I can’t say it failed the first time, but it certainly wasn’t successful either.  But, there were things I did that were wrong.  I didn’t network or do anything to reach out and actually get a client.  I had this attitude once I had my website up, that they would just come to me – you know, if you build it, they will come type thing.  I also did not have God at the center of my business.  I prayed to Him for its success, but not about how to run it or what He wanted me to do with it.  Now, God is my CEO in my business.  The only opinions that matter are God’s and mine.  Will I succeed this time?  I hope so, although finding a part-time job would be simpler.  Yet, if I went that route, I would have to be away from home.  I’ve been on several interviews and most of the “part-time” jobs are only part-time to start with and then lead to full-time work.  I will not work full-time, period.  I simply can’t because of my mental illness, I went through hell when I tried it before and I will not subject myself to that again.  Thankfully, my husband understands that.  So, for now, I will concentrate on my business and work it according to God’s will and see how things go.  He gave my husband success in his business; I pray He does that for me.  As I always say, it’s in God’s Hands now.

Blessings to you all,



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