Dealing with the mood swings

Dealing with the mood swings

I specifically chose a picture of a roller coaster, because it is a good visualization of what it is like being bipolar. I don’t know about you, but even with my basic stability, I still have to deal with major mood swings.  For instance, this morning alone I was irritable, then anxious, then crying, and then everything was right as rain again.  It’s exhausting!  Part of being bipolar is dealing with the mood swings.  We all have them, bipolar or not, just bipolars have them in a much more severe way.

Do I have any good advice on how to deal with them?  Not really.  Other than the basics:  good nutrition and exercise, adequate sleep, and some sense of spirituality.  It’s really just a matter of dealing with the roller coaster of our emotions as healthfully as possible.  There are going to be bad days and good days, you might be like me and have good hours and bad hours.  It just is what it is.  I can suggest you try to stay as positive-minded as possible, because I do believe attitude does play a key role in the mood swings.  I can remember back before I returned to God when my attitude about it was so bad – I thought that I had some God-given right to be miserable to others because I, myself, was miserable.  That just isn’t right, period.  I cringe at the way I used to treat others and act out.

The only thing that keeps me as stable as possible is the medications I am on and God Himself.  I can’t stress enough the impact returning to God has had in my life.  I am so much more at peace with myself, the world and others.  I do hope that you find your spirituality; I don’t care if it’s Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist.  Just strive for that inner peace, because without it bipolars can have a very difficult time of it.  I know, I was once a menace to society because of my attitude and lack of peace, not proud of it, but it’s the truth.  So, hang in there, the one good thing about the mood swings, is they don’t last, they’re only temporary!

Blessings to you all,



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