How to Transform Driftwood into Home Décor

How to Transform Driftwood into Home Décor

Again, this site has such great ideas!  I saw this and had to share with you.  I love the beach in a deep way that if I could afford it, I would live in a shack as long as it was next to the ocean.  My parents took me to Pismo Beach every summer as a child growing up and I just loved being there; the weather especially, but also just the whole vibe of the area.  My mom had this crazy collection of shells and driftwood and I’m going to be pulling them out and seeing if I can do some of these projects.  As I’ve said, I’m working on a nautical theme for my living room and these driftwood projects would really help.  I especially love the table, which is why I chose that picture to show you.  If you don’t live at the beach, or go to one often; I’m not sure where you would be able to find driftwood.  Maybe at the hobby stores or on Amazon – there has to be somewhere on the internet where you can buy it.  Or, plan a trip to the ocean and go searching for driftwood, sounds more fun!  Either way, I hope you enjoy this and try at least one of these projects.

Blessings to you all,



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