Just let go and trust God

Just let go and trust God

I write a lot about this subject, mostly because it is really hard for me to do, and if it is hard for me to do than I am not alone in this.  I have said before that God’s providence is supreme and that He knows our every need and such, which He does.  But there are times, in every person’s life, when you falter and think you are just all on your own and there is no one there to take care of things.  I know I do.

This past week, I read the book of James, and I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t already because it really hit home for me.  It was the part about how we ask and do not receive because we ask with selfish intentions and the remedy was to simply submit to God and humble yourself before Him and He will lift you up.  This really got to me.  As I’ve written about before, I have been having financial difficulties for over a year, and every prayer I have prayed has not been answered, or has been answered in a way I was not expecting or really wanting.  Then I read this book, and a light went off.  I have been asking for material things for my own selfish intentions.  So, why would God answer me?  I have admitted before that I have a selfish streak, not proud of it, just stating a fact.  My prayers usually involve money on some level in some way, and that is why they are not being answered.  I prayed for my VA business to take off, and it didn’t.  I think that happened because deep-down I didn’t truly want it; it wasn’t something I loved.  My husband, as you know, started his own business and he had customers within a week I think.  He truly wanted it and it was something that he loved and his prayers were answered.  He was doing something for someone else, mainly me!  I told him that I wanted financial security, so he started the business and it has been successful, especially considering he has only been in business for like a month.

I guess my point is that the why matters in your prayers.  My why has always been lacking in a spiritual way, my husband’s has not.  It isn’t the money that matters; it’s that I was looking for the money to be a source of stability in my life instead of looking to God to provide that.  Money is irrelevant.  It comes and goes like the seasons.  But God is eternal and He does not change like shifting shadows as Scripture says.   After reading the book of James, I went outside to pray and literally told God that I submit to His will and that I humble myself to His authority and will trust His will to provide me what it is that I need and trust Him to know what is best for me.  Ever since that prayer, things have improved for me in considerable ways; I won’t go into detail because most of it I’m still considering or trying to work out.  I will tell you when things are more in motion than they are now.  My suggestion is to simply really think about the reasons you are asking for something from God; if it is for selfish reasons than you most likely will not receive it.  Ask for the spiritual guidance necessary to serve God in a manner that is pleasing to Him and let Him work out everything.  In other words, stay out of God’s way.  He knows what is best for you and will provide it if you just let go and let Him take control.

Blessings to you all,



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