Redecorating your bedroom as simply as possible.

Redecorating your bedroom as simply as possible.

Have you ever googled this?  Talk about overkill and making something that should be simple into something so complicated only interior decorators can pull it off.  Seriously!  What is it about these kinds of subjects that HGTV and Better Homes and Gardens go nuts?  I am for the simple, always.  So, I will give you some simple suggestions about redecorating your bedroom that anyone can do and we’ll leave the luxury bedrooms to the experts. Jeez. Anyway, here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. First thing to do is buy a new bedding set. Find one that you really like, in a pattern or color scheme that you won’t get sick of in a month or two.  If you can afford it, go all out.  Get premium sheets and the goose-down comforter with duvet.  Plus add a few throw pillows that coordinate to add some decoration.
  2. Using your new bedding’s color scheme, repaint your room. If your bedding has more than one color you love then do more than one.  Paint the walls in strips using paint tape and one of the laser aligners (I don’t know their official name!) to plan the strips.  Or choose one matching dramatic color for an accent wall and paint the other walls a more subdued coordinating color.  The point is having fun with this!  Color is so important; it really sets the mood of the whole project.
  3. Next, the furniture. Now, if you can afford a new bedroom set, then go for it.  If you can’t, then refinish the pieces you already have.  Stain or paint them to match the new color scheme.  Buy new hardware for the drawers.  Have some fun!
  4. The window coverings need to be addressed as well. This is all according to your personal choice.  If you are into blinds, then change them.  Or buy coverings that coordinate with your new bedding.  If all else fails, go to the hobby store and find fabric that matches your bedding set and do something like this.
  5. Now, what’s left? Oh, the lamps – there is a plethora of lampshades out there if you want to change that up.  Also, the décor, use pieces that mean something to you.  Pictures, plants, and books you love.  Make it personal.  There is no room as personal as the bedroom, except maybe the bathroom.  Make it your own personal oasis being surrounded by things that remind you of how wonderful life actually is.  A vase for fresh flowers, who doesn’t love flowers?

Okay, those are my suggestions for redecorating your bedroom.  It’s really simple if you just keep with things that make you happy and use colors that speak to you.  Do you have any other suggestions on redecorating bedrooms?  Please leave them in the comment section below.

Blessings to you all,



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