So, you’re a Christian?!?

So, you’re a Christian?!?

Well, yes I am.  I get that it’s not the popular thing to be right now, especially in today’s society.  And I am not here to debate religion, or anything else political.  Why?  Frankly, I don’t care.  I don’t care if your thing is dressing up in green polka-dotted bunny suits, you want to know why?  It’s called free will.  Something the Creator of the Universe endowed to each of us and who am I to take it away from you.  But, it works both ways.  I have the choice to follow God and obey Jesus Christ, so why put me down for it or call me small-minded?  I made my choice a long time ago to obey God; I even went through a phase where I walked away, but I came back.  Why?  Because down deep inside of me is an unshakable belief that God is very much real, and Jesus was the son of God, and I believe with all of my heart all that goes along with those beliefs.   But, it’s my choice.

You have that choice, too.  You can either choose to believe in God and Jesus and obey, or you can choose not to.  That’s what free will means.  I’m so tired of hearing how Christians are bigoted, small-minded, don’t think just follow, or however someone decides to describe us.  As I said earlier, I don’t care what you do as long as it involves consenting adults; but God does.  And since, when I die, I face Him (like we all will, whether you like it or not, or believe or not), I would prefer to do so with Jesus Christ standing with me.  Kind of like having a really great lawyer standing next to you in front of a judge, except this judge can do far worse things than incarcerate you.   But, again, that is my choice.  How you lead your life, what you believe in, those are all your choices.  And I am not going to take that choice away from you, I may not agree with you, but I am not going to keep you from exercising your free will.  Nor will I stop loving you, another Christian thing that we do – we love.

I just think that this whole free choice thing should go both ways.  How are my beliefs hurting someone who doesn’t believe?  I’m not stopping you from doing “your thing”; and you should not be trying to stop me from mine.  I have the choice to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and I am one and not a single person on this planet is going to change my mind or make me do anything else.  Each of us is accountable to God when we die, and I, personally, don’t want to be on the wrong side of Him, ever.  If you agree, great; if you don’t, that again, is your choice.  Leave your comments, please keep it cordial though.

Blessings to you all,



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