Simple ways to re-do your laundry room.

Simple ways to re-do your laundry room.

Here are some simple suggestions for upgrading your laundry room into a more usable work space.  Mine is just a small room with a large washer/dryer – nothing fancy, or anything.  I was looking for practical help with the laundry room for as much my benefit as yours; besides, what good is looking at some magical work space pictures and instructions when you don’t have the room or the money or whatever you need to create that fantasy laundry room.  But, here are some basic ideas to help makeover your laundry room into something more than just the place you do your laundry in.

  1. Easiest to start with, paint it a color that just makes you happy looking at it. Paint an accent wall or the whole room, whatever you choose. It’s amazing what a simple change in color can do for a room!
  2. Re-think your shelving. Shelving really makes a big difference for storage options, which can be added at a low cost and relatively easy to do. Make sure that it will hold the things you need (like those heavy detergent containers) to clear up some of the space and clutter.
  3. Instead of worrying about fancy décor or anything like that, concentrate on storage. Pick up some storage bins and create a sorting system that makes sense to you and your family. Storage bins are relatively cheap, come in a variety of colors, so choose a color that goes with that new paint job!
  4. Hanging some nice hooks for holding the Swiffer, ironing board (I don’t even own one of these because I refuse to iron, period! But you might still.), or mop make a huge difference in the décor and are usually really cheap.
  5. If you have the money, invest in new appliances. Upgrade to new ones that meet your needs and add to the décor of the room.  Some of the fancier machines have a choice of colors as well.  I’ve also heard that there is appliance paint available, find out how to re-paint your appliances here, if buying new ones is outside of your budget.

Blessings to you all,



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