So, what’s the purpose to all of this?

So, what’s the purpose to all of this?

Who doesn’t love a picture of the ocean, I mean really!  Anyway, I thought for my first post, well second actually, that I would explain in more detail about me and why I am doing this whole blog thing.  It all started about a month ago when the website for my virtual assistance business went live and I started blogging for it.  I hated the idea of blogging and actually resisted the idea because, according to the VA experts, I am to establish myself as an expert in my field; unfortunately, I am only an expert in me and even that’s debatable.  However, my business mentor told me to write about myself, the struggles of starting a business, the emotions I went through, etc.; which I did and I loved it.  It was like finding the reason I was here on this planet in the first place.  My mentor reviews books, a lot of them, and she told me I was an excellent writer – high praise from someone who does what she does.  So I started thinking about starting a personal blog, to really write about the things I am passionate about and leave the business blog to be about business topics.  So, here we are.

Again, I’m only an “expert” (I use that term lightly, btw) in things dealing with the home and myself, and again that’s debatable.  I spend a lot of my time on my VA business, so there will be a lot of links for the recipes, craft projects and homemaking days. Mostly because my photography skills leave much to be desired and, also, why re-do what someone else has painstakingly already done.  Also, I am not tech-savvy enough to know how to make the recipes or directions downloadable, yet!  So, I will give credit where credit is due and use links when necessary, for now anyway. And, I am all about the practical!  If you’re a foodie or huge into redecorating to be on the cover of some magazine, this is probably not the blog for you.  I will be writing posts about myself and my life on Mondays and again writing posts about spirituality on Fridays.  That’s the blog in a nutshell.

Now, back to me; who am I anyway you may be asking?  I’m just a woman who desperately wants to be home.  It is such a deep-seeded need that I can’t explain it and most don’t understand it.  I know my family and husband doesn’t understand the why of it, they just accept it as part of who I am.  Frankly, I don’t even understand it.  It’s just there.  I can’t tell you how many times in prayer I say to God, “I just want to stay home”; hence the title of the blog.  It is like a mantra for me.  I am very happy being in my own little world at home with my pets, taking care of my business, the house and my husband.  I’m also quite the introvert.  Being in public in any way leaves me feeling a bit anxious or uncomfortable and it has nothing to do with the people themselves, it’s all me.  It doesn’t help that I have a severe anxiety condition, but that’s for another post.  It’s just difficult for me to be around people and be in the world in general.   I’m not agoraphobic; I’m just a homebody.  I’m very content in my own little world and that is just how I am and I am done trying to fight it.  I just make myself miserable when I do, and life is too short to spend it being miserable; I’ve spent enough years doing that.

So, that’s my thoughts for today.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me or leave them in the comment section.  I know I am not the only person in the world with this ‘stay at home’ mentality, so I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings to you all,



2 thoughts on “So, what’s the purpose to all of this?

  1. In the last few years I’ve been really feeling the same way and wanting to be at home versus full time work. My 35 mile commute makes me so tired too and I feel like I’m not getting to live life like I want to. I think I would have been a wonderful housewife in the 40’s! 😊


    1. I know what you mean, when I worked full-time, that’s all I did – just work. Being home is just what makes me happy and I wish you the best of luck figuring out how to live your life to the fullest, because that’s what we all deserve to do!


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