Thanks for stopping by!

As this is my first post for this blog, it’s not like there’s any pressure or anything, geez.  I am an introverted homebody, there I said it and I don’t care if you judge.  I love being home, it’s where I am most content.  I know that is not the choice for everyone, but it was for me.  I have worked outside of the home and hated it.  The whole time I was there I wanted to be home.  In fact, this habit of wanting to be home dates back to early childhood, when I came home “sick” at least once a week.  So, I decided to stop fighting it and just let it be, it is who I am and there is no power short of God Himself that is going to change it.

So, what will I be writing about here?  Good question!  I plan on writing about the things I know most about, like cooking, homemaking, crafts, spiritual things (I am a Christian, and proud of it!), and about me, my personal struggles in this crazy world we live in.  I want this blog to be informative and helpful to all of you out there; that’s my hope at least!

I’m going to keep it short today; I have a lot of thinking and planning to do regarding this blog.  Like, when I’ll post, how often, do I want themed days, etc.  If you are reading this, I welcome you and hope you’ll come back again.  I promise, future posts will be more exciting than this one!

Blessings to you all,






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